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A new search site is in beta called DeepDyve that has some promise. First, they claim that they index millions of medical papers from paid journals and free sites. The problem in the past is that this content wasn’t too readily available. Yes, there is Medline, but not a very user-friendly tool. Second, getting copies of the papers to read has never been easy, particularly for those of us in the lay community that don’t have medical center accounts or access to medical libraries. This is where DeepDyve comes in. They charge a buck to rent the paper for 24 hours. You can get other “plans” that allow unlimited access for more money. Does this sound familiar, like renting movies? Got it. Their search engine is very simplistic — you can’t sort by date for example. But you can enter an entire abstract into the search query to narrow things down. ... (more)

Is a Smartphone a Digital Signage Player Too?

Spotted this on Engadget, which was picking up on an iSuppli analysis of the build cost of the new Google Nexus One smartphone. iSuppli reports a preliminary estimate of $174.15 for the cost of materials needed to build each handset. The research firm also congratulates Google on keeping a bill of materials comparable to most recent smartphones while having "the most advanced features of any smart phone ever dissected by iSuppli's Teardown Analysis Service." Costliest of all things was the 1GHz Snapdragon ($30.50), followed by the AMOLED display ($23.50) and memory ($20.40) from Samsung. The Bluetooth and 802.11n WiFi transceiver cost $8.20, and perhaps the most egregious spend was $12.50 on a 5-megapixel camera that many of us might never use. Like many people in the industry I have been watching the evolution of these phones and thinking they will pretty quickl... (more)

iPad on Ulitzer - How To Jump On the iPad Buzz

iPad on Ulitzer There were two kinds of technology companies issuing press releases today. Goofball ones that were somehow oblivious to Apple's planned announcement, and thought it was just another day and their stuff would get the usual attention. And those who watched the announcement of the iPad and realized there was excitement to leverage, and put together their own announcement. Now just about anyone in digital signage making an announcement that somehow tied in to the iPad would be regarded with giggles, but Nanonation is one of only a few companies in the space that actually have some genuine Apple ties, history and chops, so to speak. In the hours after the celebrated tablet was announced, Nanonation issued a release saying its propellerheads were all over this thing. Software developer Nanonation announced plans to support and develop new customer-facing applica... (more)

Big Data – Business Value

With every passing day, Big Data assumes new strength as a significant force in our industry. Someone even said that Big Data is transforming business same way IT did few decades ago. The overall revenue (includes hardware, software, service) for Big Data is said to be around $5.1B in 2011 and includes players such as IBM, Intel, HP, Fujitsu, etc. This is hard to fathom! But pure-play revenue coming from players such as Vertica, Aster, Cloudera, Greenplum, 1010Data, etc. is valued at $468M in 2011. Then someone said the projected revenue from Big Data will reach an astounding $53B by 2017 (source- Wikibon), growing to $10B in 2013, $32 in 2015 and $48B in 2016. We can argue on these numbers, but let us agree that this will be quite big. Why is that? We all know about data growth. Facebook with 900M users in April, 2012 did analytics on 25PB (petabytes) of compresse... (more)

White Paper Confirms Potential of In-Store Digital Media Networks to Transform Consumer Retail Experience

DALLAS, Feb. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- In an age of shrinking and fragmented mass media, retailers have a big opportunity to reclaim their historic role as the leading mass consumer medium. A new white paper issued today, titled In-Store Digital Media: How to Reestablish Retail's Role as a Mass Consumer Medium, explains how retailers can leverage shopper-friendly digital media technologies that deliver marketing and branding messages to consumers inside the store, at or near the point of sale. The white paper was developed jointly by Reflect Systems, a leading provider of Digital Signage software and services for retailers; TracyLocke, an integrated marketing agency with a specialty in shopper marketing; and DecisionPoint Media Insights, a market research and consulting firm with expertise in digital media at retail and out of home. The paper concludes that in-store digit... (more)

1-2-1VIEW Unveils Linux-Based Video Wall Solution

A new software-based video wall solution set to revolutionise the common video wall concept was unveiled at 1-2-1VIEW Corporation’s booth at IBC in Amsterdam. 1-2-1VIEW’s MegaEye enables non-linear, dynamic grouping of video wall segments and flexible content control at a mouse click to deliver stunning visual impact, giving outdoor digital signage and building owners a low cost and easy to use video wall solution. Using powerful streamer software as opposed to the commonly used videowall processor or PC display card, the MegaEye performs all media processing steps including display analysis, cropping, re-encoding and streaming. The MegaEye allows operators to segment a video wall into horizontal, vertical or matrix sets and dynamically distribute content according to a pre-configured playlist. Operated by 1-2-1VIEW Corporation’s Ninja digital signag... (more)

Digital Ad Licenses BroadSign Software for Digital Signage Network in Hotels, Motels and Restaurants

MINNETONKA, Minn., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- BroadSign International Inc. today announced that Digital Ad has licensed BroadSign's digital signage software, the BroadSign Suite 6.0, to deliver in-store programming to local and regional clients, such as Outback Steakhouse, Nationwide Insurance, Dairy Queen and the North Carolina Aquarium. BroadSign provides hosted software for operating digital signage networks in stores, restaurants, malls and transportation hubs around the world. Digital Ad operates networks of digital displays in hotels, retail environments and restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. The BroadSign-powered Digital Ad network will provide looped content and the ability to tailor content to specific businesses or regions creating greater interest for the customer. The network also plans to incorporate news, facts and trivia about local area... (more)

Tiny, Cute, Expensive Paperweight?

I saw the PR come out yesterday about a little Linux-based teeny PC aimed at, among other things, digital signage. It has been a busy coupla days, so I finally just had a look at the thing now. The Linutop 3 looks cute, and at first pass the gadget appears to have a lot of promise. It is small enough to slap on the back of a flat screen. It's a solid state fanless design, so there is little that can crater on the thing. Great. But it's also $500 US, and it will ship from France. It has its own custom Linux OS, so have fun with that unless you have a propeller-head on standby. And the CPU is the Via C7, which is an old slug of a thing in relative terms and is Via. I am no propeller-head but the ones I know don't seem to say nice things about what is a consumer-grade product. The specs suggest it can plug into HD monitors but anyone thinking this will drive video an... (more)

Halifax's DIME closes deal to roll lifestyle screen network in Atlantic Canada chain drug

Digital Signage Journal on Ulitzer Toronto, Montreal and the Kitchener-Waterloo region (home to BlackBerries) have a lopsided amount of the activity going on in the digital signage sector, but there's absolutely stuff shaking elsewhere. If you subscribe to Google Alerts you see the daily release from PEI-based ScreenScape --- nice product but enough with the carpet-bombing PR, guys. Anyway, there are other things shaking down east, as well, including news of a rollout in an Atlantic Canada drug chain called Pharmasave. Says the release: Halifax/Dartmouth-based Innovative Properties Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary DIME - Dynamic Integrated Marketing Enterprises Inc. - has done a deal with Pharmasave Drugs (Atlantic) Ltd. of Dartmouth, NS to out a screen network called "LIVE WELL WITH PHARMASAVE" into its 73 stores throughout Atlantic Canada. "We chose DIME b... (more)

Adobe Update: "Unambiguous Statement" Coming

RIA's at Cloud Expo Remember me? Sorry for lack of posts. Happy to report I am very busy on both the pressDOOH and Preset fronts, and seeing a lot of airports (but dodging storms). Anyway, there is encouraging news on the Adobe Flash licensing beat - with a senior Adobe guy promising: Adobe will make an unambiguous statement in the new year. This was from the Director of Adobe's Open Screen Project, which is Adobe's big cross-platform initiative. He found me through another Adobe guy who conceded the company's position was confusing, and promised to look into it. He found me through Stephen Randall of Locamoda. So if we do get clarity, finally, Stephen gets a gold star. Nate Kidwell of DS newcomer Ludicast, which uses Flash extensively, has also been a big help, and pointed me (among other things) to a post on a Flash developer's blog, called ickydime. The comment... (more)

More evidence this stuff works: Nielsen numbers

 Thanks to Dirk Hülsermann at OVAB Europe for flagging and posting this note about encouraging research from Germany, as done by Nielsen. We're starting to see more and more networks sharing their numbers, and it helps the sector as a whole when there are good stories to tell, and the storyteller has credibility. According to a new consumer survey by the Nielsen research firm on “Awareness and Effectiveness of Digital Display Screens Installed In Grocery Stores,” digital out-of-home Media (DOOH) increases sales at the point of sale (POS). Four out of five product brands experienced significant increases of up to 33 percent in additional sales through the use of DOOH media. At the same time, display screen advertising at the POS considerably increased brand awareness: While previous studies on the effectiveness of POS advertising media showed only a slight increase i... (more)